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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Starting fresh, Fall 2007

For the last couple of years, I've been concentrating on posting on, enjoying the greater energy and interaction of a group forum. But people have complained to me that opinions of specific restaurants are too hard to find, easily lost among the chatter, and that the missed the focused collection of reviews here.

So, between this blog for quick posts and pix, and the main site for more in-depth summaries, I'm going to try to post everything on my own sites as well as eG.

Thanks for visiting, comments are welcome!


  1. PhilaD,
    Welcome to the world of blog. Nothing against eGullet, but I'm glad to see you venturing out again. As for Cochon, count me in.

  2. Thanks David. Indeed, I'm hoping to balance the more public eGullet posts and the the more personal blog posts here, I think there are strengths to both venues.

    And, yes, we'll have to do a Cochon trip soon, and post dueling reviews!

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    So glad you're back to this site. It's a great read. And helpful, too; I'm thinking about moving back to Philly, and wondering what's to eat since Walt's closed....

  4. Come on back to Philly, there's great eating here!!

    I miss Walt's, and I sadly can offer no good alternative for crabs like that. I always got the mussels there too, and thankfully, there are ots of great mussels to be had, although none quite as garlicky as Walt's used to offer. (That might be a good thing for social interactions... )

    But there's plenty of good down-and-dirty inexpensive food in the same spirit as Walts, if not the same menu. There are great taquerias, pho joints, gastropubs, and more, within a few blocks of where Walt's was, and all over Philly.

    Keep checking back here, I'll try to update everybody on worthwhile places I've come across!