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Monday, November 03, 2008

Awesomeness Alert: Mini Beignets

We usually go to Chick's for Katie Loeb's creative cocktails, but it's worth remembering that chef Jim Piano makes food worth checking out as well (the Wild Boar Burger is excellent) and pastry chef Kristin Weber has been quietly making some of the best desserts I've come across in a while. Recently, I did a double-take at the mere mention of one of them: French Quarter Mini Beignets, with Nutella and Raspberry Dipping sauces.

I'm a sucker for a Café du Monde-style beignet of any dimension, and for some reason the idea of a miniature version sounded very appealing. I'm happy to report that the tiny squares of fried dough live up to the promise of their concept: they're airy, crunchy - yet pillowy soft, and not greasy at all. They're delicious as delivered, simply dusted with powdered sugar, but the chocolatey and fruity dips are both welcome accompaniments.

So sure, Chick's is still best-known as a good spot for an interesting beer, a glass of wine or a Best-of-Philly inventive cocktail (you smartphone-addicted Prince fans might want to try the new Blackberry Beret) but don't overlook the food, and whatever you do, don't skip dessert.

Chick's Café and Wine Bar
614 S.7th Street (at Kater)