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Monday, May 03, 2010

Awesomeness Alert: Mexican Hot Dog

They're all the rage in Los Angeles, although the health department keeps shutting-down the carts that sell them - something about the bacon, I think. Every time I read about the Mexican Hot Dog I develop a powerful craving for one: a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, grilled, doused with mayo, sprinkled with cotija cheese, maybe a couple of slices of jalapeño, plopped in a roll.
And finally, I found one! It was on the specials board at Cantina Dos Segundos.  I'm not sure how regularly they're available, or if they're at the South Philly Cantina Los Caballitos, but I sure hope they're at both places all the time. They're delicious.

Full disclosure: I happen to know the owners of the Cantinas (and am a little shocked that they didn't tell me about these!) but that fact has not affected my assessment of how awesome this snack is!  

Mexican Hot Dog:  $3
Cantina Dos Segundos
931 N 2nd St, Philadelphia


  1. The Mexican hot dog sounds great except I am not sure I can get past the "mayo" part. Is that a key component of the dish?

    Great blog, by the way, I'm almost embarrassed to say I have just discovered its existence. If you have no objection, I'd like to post a link to your blog on my own blog.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Frank,

    Give it a try once with the mayo, you might like it! I think it works really well here, but then, I have a high mayo tolerance... I'm sure you can get them to leave it off though.

    And sure, link away, thanks!

  3. The Mexican Hot Dog appear to be a semi-permanent special at Los Caballitos as well. It's been on the blackboard for at least a few months now.

  4. Excellent news Chris, thanks for the info!

  5. yummm im so going. asap

  6. SPTR does them too & they're good. Also Q BBQ in old city (haven't tried yet).

    Still looking for a real Tacqueria that does them though.

  7. Hawk, thanks for the heads-up(s). I'd heard a few things about SPTR (that's the South Philly Tap Room for the acronymically-challenged) but I'd forgotten all about Q.

    I agree that I'd love to see them at a little taqueria or even better, a street cart.

    And Chris - I had one at the Cantina Los Caballitos the other day, and it was pretty good, but disorienting, because it wasn't wrapped in bacon, there was just a bunch of chopped bacon on the roll underneath. Tasted bacony, so I enjoyed it, but it's not the same thing...

    Also checked out the hot dog cart up at 2nd and Poplar (Dapper Dog). They have some interesting combinations, but not this particular permutation.

  8. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Had these last week at Dos Segundos, they are really awesome and you can make a nice dinner out of two of them + a side of drunken beans, for under $10.

  9. oh yum. this looks amazing esp those spicy jalapeno peppers :) Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate featured a similar concept except the hotdog (after being wrapped in bacon) was fried and topped with fried onions. Talk about a heart attack haha.

  10. Mexican hot dogs are my favorite. With or without mayo they are delicious. It's been months since I last enjoyed a Mexican hot dog. I'm dying to eat one right now. Oh man!